Monday, 5 March 2018

Term #2

We have now started the second term of the year. We will continue to build on the knowledge and skills we gained in first term.

Narrative Writing: Pourquoi Tales
     Pourquoi is the French word for why. These stories explain why certain things in the world are the way they are. Pourquoi stories are usually folk tales that have been handed down for many generations. They often describe something that happened a long time ago as the basis for what we see or hear today.

This week, the students are starting to write their "Pourquoi Tales." A narrative story that explains something in nature. Together, we have read many different examples of these types of stories. At home, ask your child about some of the tales we have read or, research some examples together!

Check out this website for examples of Native American examples. There are many examples of Pourquoi tales on youtube as well.

Number Sense -- operations (first focusing on multiplying and later dividing)
We will be practicing our multiplication facts to help us memorize the basic facts through games and quizzes. We will then apply this knowledge in words problems.

HOMEWORK: each week, students will be given a multiplication package to practice their skills at home. Please return completed work on the following Monday.

Geometry --  constructing and measuring angles
                    -- 2d shapes (classifying based on attributes)
                    -- 3D shapes

Science: Human Organ Systems
Big Ideas:
- analyse the impact of human activities and technological innovations on human health;
- investigate the structure and function of the major organs of various human body systems;
- demonstrate an understanding of the structure and function of human body systems and interactions within and between systems.

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