Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Update from Grade 5

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Math -
Students are now working on Data Management. Students will collect, organize, and display data in graphs with appropriate titles, labels, and scales. They will be asked to make inferences and describe trends from sets of data. Over the course of this unit, if you find an interested table, graph or poll, please send them along with your child. It would be interesting to discuss different types of data.

As a class, we decided to continue tracking our water consumption this week. When we looked at our tracking from the past week, we noticed that it would not be a complete set of data. With two days missed of school, the data would not be a true representation of our class. Stay tuned to hear what the results are!

Language - Our focus in reading is on identifying main idea and summarizing. Students have been writing summaries of non-fiction texts. We have been using Newsela during class time to find articles about current events. At home, you can ask your child to orally summarize a book, chapter or article they are reading.
In writing, students are continuing to work on their persuasive essays. Currently, the focus is on using success criteria and feedback to improve or "bump up" their work.

Homework - Students are asked to read for 15 minutes every night and log it in their reading log. In addition, students are invited to practice their skills at home through the websites on our blog. The games and quizzes are an excellent way to practice and reinforce what we are learning in class.


February 5th - last day to order yearbook at the special price

February 14th - Ash Wednesday
                        - Report Cards go home

February 15th - Winter Olympics outdoor play day

February 19th - Family Day (no school)

February 23rd - Family Movie Night

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