Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Phys. Ed.
The Roar of the Rings is taking place in our city this week (Dec. 2-10). This tournament is the Olympic Trials for both men and women and is taking place at the Canadian Tire Centre. This is such an exciting event because the winners will represent Canada at the Olympics this winter. We have now started our own class bonspiel! We had 2 games today and will continue on with the round robin later this week.

So, in the spirit of what is happening in our city, we are learning about the sport of Curling. We have learned about the specific vocabulary, studied the playing surface (curling sheet) and talked about how points are scored (rocks closest to the target in the house). 

We are now going to explore the measurement of time. We will work with clocks and have a major focus on elapsed time. Students will be solving problems of elapsed time by finding the difference between a specific start and end time.


December 4th-15th - collecting canned goods for Advent Hampers. Our class is responsible for canned vegetables. See letter here

December 4-15th - School clothing for sale. See link here

December 18th - 10:45 Newshow

December 19th - 11:00 Mass

December 23rd - January 7th - Christmas Break. Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

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