Wednesday, 1 November 2017

New Focus in Math: Measurement and Patterning

Students will use what they have been learning in Number Sense and apply it in Measurement and Patterning. Although we separate math strands and focus on them individually, the concepts truly are a spiral, as everything is interconnected.

Mrs. Swan will focus on Measurement with the class. This unit will build on the students' knowledge of decimals, and it will allow them to apply their knowledge in authentic situations. Measurement includes capacity, mass, temperature, time and length.

Measurement is a great follow-up to decimals as it allows students to further explore, develop, and apply the skills they have acquired. As we investigate measurement, students will explore how millimetres are part of a whole (centimetre), and also, how seconds are part of a whole (minute).

For example, we can write 73mm = 7.3 cm.  This is the same concept as renaming decimal numbers such as: 4 tenths = 40 hundredths  or, 15 tenths = 1 whole and 5 tenths, in our Place Value unit. This will reinforce that a decimal is part of a whole.

Mrs. Dandurand will focus on Patterning with the class. This will build on the students' knowledge of numbers, and students will be focusing on patterning we see all around us. Further, as there are many patterns to been seen in measurement as well, links between the two strands will be explored. Students will work on creating, extending, and predicting numerical and geometric patterns.

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