Friday, 29 September 2017

Samaritans on a Digital Road

Responsible Citizens

Terry Fox
Thursday was our annual Terry Fox walk. We learned about his powerful story and how he truly is a Canadian icon and hero. We can learn so much from his story, as he faced so many difficult challenges, but never gave up. Terry Fox definitely showed us how to be selfless, a responsible citizen, and a caring neighbour. Raising awareness and money for cancer research was for others, not himself. His determination and growth mindset helped him to never gave up, even when he was told he couldn't do it, because for him, that wasn't an option.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan
We are learning about what it means to be a responsible citizen and making connections to our own lives. How can we be responsible citizens who positively contribute in our communities? How do we love others as we love ourselves? From here we will use this knowledge to help us become responsible digital citizens as well as help us shape "Who Are We" as people, as students, as a whole grade 5 class.

Below is an inspiring story about a student who creates a positive change for himself and his school community. We watched this as a class and discussed ways, through a talking circle, how we each can help create a positive community in our classroom.

Small Acts of Kindness can really make a difference!

The students used inspirations from the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Josh's story, and Terry Fox, to help them create 2-3 goals for this year. We hope that we can use these stories to inspire us to maintain Growth Mindset as we come across new experiences and challenges. Again, this all ties to the classroom environment that we are building. A caring, respectful place where we make mistakes and learn through Growth Mindset!

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