Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Number Sense: Place Value Update

We will be using our knowledge gained thus far about place value to help us build our understanding about decimals. We will continue to use base ten blocks, standard form, word form, and expanded form to represent numbers. We will also continue working on rounding whole numbers and decimal numbers.

Find the TARGET number and look next door.
Five or more, raise the score.
Four or less, let it rest

This week, we learned that a decimal is part of a whole. We use Base Blocks to represent this.
At Home Practice: ask your child to show you how to represent these numbers using the Base Ten Blocks model. How do you say this number? Can you round to the nearest whole number?

A) 3.67                                 B) 2.09                             C) 0.43

Where else do you see decimals numbers at home? 

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